Construction Services


Theft in construction industry has become an ever increasing problem over the last several years. Conventional security guards do very little to prevent theft and nothing at all to recover any stolen material.

Hawk Technologies remote guard service creates a physical presence on site. Our Operators are engaged the moment something needs their attention. Responding in a prompt professional manner

Live Monitoring Advantage

  • Less expensive
  • Quick police/emergency response
  • Can't be intimidated
  • Does not sleep / Do not take breaks
  • Cover multiple areas at the same time
  • Provide video evidence
  • Record all activity 24/7
  • Remotely view your site
  • No equipment or installation cost
  • Insurance approved guard replacement
  • Backed up by ACP Surveillance Team on ground
  • Weekly random Drive- By Patrols


  • Trained and experienced Operators
  • 24/7 live recorded video
  • Tracking of activity with archive Filing
  • High quality digital images Date/Time stamped
  • Cover multiple areas at the same time & providing added security
  • Cover multiple geographical locations
  • Reduce loss by up to 85% +
  • Approval of major insurance companies
  • Admissible in court
  • Monitor activity from the convenience of your PC
  • Alarm Runner and Incident Service Included
  • Random Weekly Drive By Patrols by our ACP Surveillance team
  • Backed up security guard force on ground