Commercial, Industrial and Manufacturing Remote Monitored Solution

Traditionally CCTV surveillance systems utilized by many businesses are re-active in nature and primarily used for passively recording incidents. By incorporating our remote monitoring solution, clients are ensured a virtual onsite presence with complete offsite facilities control. By developing good client relations whereby we fully understand our customers' specific requirements and consistently strive to meet their needs, our service has proven to be both cost effective and reliable.

H-TECH's remote monitored solution provides valuable benefits for the commercial, industrial and manufacturing sectors, including:

  • Controlling business costs and enhancing efficiency
  • Defending insurance claims (i.e. slip and falls)
  • Producing an objective record that can be used to resolve disputes and in legal proceedings
  • Reducing false alarms and associated financial penalties
  • Improving employee and customer safety
  • Visual confirmation of alarms prior to the arrival of the police and/or fire department
  • Reducing police response times
  • Improved security

Our continuous investment in the most up-to-date technologies enables us to provide a wide range of options that best suit your needs and budget.